Wednesday, February 28, 2007

To (T) or not to (T)

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Fadli, the self-appointed tea boy who drummed up so much publicity about his going to the tournament; failed to turn up.

I had late supper with him to catch up on the night before until 2 am, and he went on and on about what he would wear, what he would serve etc. throughout. He even went to demonstrate to Wawa (Class of 97) and wife Ta and Canoe; all were also present – how exactly he would pour the tea, just to show his so-called expertise in the small niche area; drawing from his experience serving tea after each rugby game in Scotland (nope, he didn’t play rugby, somehow we had to take turns to serve hot tea and coffee to teachers, parents and old boys who were present each time there was a hockey game).

When I called him to ask for direction the next morning, he had just woken up and as usual was still “bergolek-golek atas katil”. So we waited and waited but the tea boy never appeared.

I am lobbying that Ahmad house gets its points deducted for failing to fulfil its promise and obligation to the batch.


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